Quincy Data delivers CME Group to Carteret at Lowest Known Latency – 4.16 milliseconds – and announces multiple service enhancements

Enyx FPGA feed handler chosen by Quincy Data for CME data
April 15, 2013
Quincy Data Breaks Ground in Europe with Lowest Known Latency for CME Market Data – 36.40 milliseconds
May 2, 2013

Quincy Data delivers CME Group to Carteret at Lowest Known Latency – 4.16 milliseconds – and announces multiple service enhancements

OAKLAND, Calif., April 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Quincy Data, LLC a recognized leader in low latency market data, is pleased to announce its offering of CME futures data inside the Carteret data center at latencies believed to be faster than ever before. The Quincy Extreme Data service (QED) today delivers select CME Group data in 4.16 milliseconds rack to rack. “Timely CME data is extremely important to trading in Carteret,” says Stephane Tyc, co-founder of Quincy Data. “We are working hard to deliver the absolute fastest data to exchange colocated banks, dealers and trading firms, large and small. QED aims to level the market data playing field by making a coveted service within reach of all latency sensitive participants.” Quincy outlines its plans to deliver even faster speeds on this route – 4.11 milliseconds this spring and 4.06 milliseconds this summer – as part of a product roadmap that is available to subscribers or under NDA.

Quincy also announces additional enhancements throughout its delivery chain:

  • Full FPGA feed handlers for lower latency and greater determinism
  • Hot failover redundancy
  • Enhanced proprietary IP for normalizing, conflating, encoding and decoding market data over microwave (to stamp out buffering – even during market bursts)
  • Additional foreign exchange symbol coverage
  • Two new distribution colos: Cermak in Chicago and LD4/Slough in London
  • Radio upgrades to further enhance reliability, which has been 99% from inception to date

Quincy is also licensed to distribute market data sourced in Carteret.

Banks, dealers and trading firms can now compete without being forced into an arms race where faster market data requires spiraling infrastructure investment,” remarks Jim Considine, Quincy’s Head of Business Development & Strategy. “We know of no service in the marketplace, or even planned, which can match QED’s long haul latency. By offering a la carte data selections, a discount for small-company subscribers, short-term agreements (3 month), and an investment plan for continuous improvement, we have crafted a premium class service affordable to the broadest array of market participants.

About Quincy Data, LLC

Quincy Data is a provider of extremely low latency market data services, powered by the McKay Brothers Microwave Network. The Quincy Extreme Data (QED) Service sources data from multiple US financial exchanges and offers an integrated and normalized feed in multiple exchange colocation centers around the world. Live since 2012, Quincy is dedicated to being the low-latency market data provider of choice among electronic trading desks large and small.

Additional information about the QED Service and pricing is available at www.quincy-data.com
CONTACT: Quincy Data Media Relations, contact@quincy-data.com

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