Quincy Extreme Data Service Extended to Milan and Zurich

November 20, 2017 / Milan, Italy and Zurich, Switzerland / McKay Brothers International has added Milan and Zurich points of presence to its industry-leading Quincy Extreme Data (QED) service. The QED POPs in Milan and Zurich distribute a broad range of low latency futures contracts from the US and the UK.

“To meet best execution standards, it is critical that market data be the most current available,” says Francois Tyc, managing director of McKay Brothers International. “We are pleased to provide subscribers more opportunities to use QED to inform their trading and as they work to meet their MiFID II obligations.”

QED now provides select Aurora, Illinois-sourced Equity Index, Treasury, FX, Metals and Energy Futures to Milan in less than 38.10 milliseconds (ms). QED has also added select three-month London Metal Exchange futures in Milan in less than 3.40 ms, the lowest known latency. The LME data is distributed in Zurich-ZH4 in less than 5.20 ms via a hybrid microwave/fiber network. McKay will roll out an all-microwave route to Zurich in early 2018, which the company expects will be the lowest latency available.

The QED service has points of presence at ten major European trading centers among its twenty global POPs and sources data from thirteen exchanges globally, the most of any low latency market data service. The company expects to increase the number of QED POPs in Europe and Asia and add new exchange sources in 2018.

Latencies and prices for the QED service are published at http://www.quincy-data.com/

About McKay Brothers International SA

McKay Brothers International SA is the leading provider of private wireless bandwidth and the leading distributor of extremely low latency microwave market data. The Quincy Extreme Data service is an integrated and normalized feed of select market data sourced from and provided