Quincy Data Map


• Most links offer the lowest known latency
• All latencies published on quincy-data.com


• All subscribers have access to the fastest data
• All prices published on quincy-data.com
• Discount for small firms
• Short-term contracts
• Trials available


• Most robust data offering
• Subscribe only to the data and co-locations needed
• Choose asset classes from 8 exchanges with more in development
US Long Haul
• Aurora – New Jersey
• Cermak – New Jersey
• 6 New Jersey POPs
• Mahwah & NY5 in development
International Routes
• United States – London
• United States – Frankfurt
• Basildon, LSE & LHC – Frankfurt coming soon
• Aurora – Cermak
• New Jersey Local
• London Local coming soon

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Quincy Data, LLC announced that its Quincy Extreme Data service is distributing Aurora-sourced data to London’s Slough-LD4 data center in 35.39 milliseconds (ms) and to Frankfurt’s-FR2 data center in 37.79 ms.  Both routes offer the lowest known latency for any commercially available service and will receive substantial upgrades over the next several months to ensure that the QED service remains the fastest. More…

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 About Quincy Data LLC

Quincy Data is the leading microwave distributor of extremely low latency market data. Live since 2012, the Quincy Extreme Data service offers an integrated and normalized feed of select market data sourced from multiple financial exchanges in the US and Europe and is offered in exchange colocation centers in Illinois, New Jersey, the UK and Frankfurt. Quincy is dedicated to leveling the playing field for extreme low latency market data and being the data provider of choice among electronic trading desks of all sizes.