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April 15, 2024

Quincy Data Distributes the Lowest Latency Market Data Between New Jersey and Toronto-TMX

The QED service is fastest from NYSE/Nasdaq to TMX April 8, 2024 (Oakland, CA) Quincy Data has launched the fastest market data service between the largest US and Canadian equities exchanges. Quincy’s ultra-low latency QED service now distributes select content from over 200 equities and ETFs from NYSE-Arca and Nasdaq at the TMX data center in Markham, Ontario. The latency from the NYSE data center in Mahwah, NJ to Markham is less than 1.755 milliseconds […]
July 18, 2023

McKay Brothers Distributes Cboe UK Cash Equities at LSE at Lowest Known Latency

July 18, 2023 (London & Geneva) McKay Brothers International SA (MBI) launched its newest lowest known latency market data service, distributing Cboe UK cash equities raw data at the London Stock Exchange via its wireless QRD service. Cboe UK equities data is sourced at Slough-LD4 and distributed at the LSE’s Telehouse North 2 data center. The QRD service distributes the full Cboe UK CXE and BXE feeds in their native exchange format. “We are thrilled […]
March 8, 2023

McKay Brothers and Quincy Data Expand Lowest Latency Services to Toronto

Fastest private bandwidth now complements lowest latency market data in Toronto-TMX March 2, 2023 (Oakland, CA) McKay Brothers announced it has deployed the lowest latency private bandwidth from Aurora, IL to Toronto. McKay’s newest route connects the futures markets at the CME with the cash equity markets of TMX in Toronto in less than 4.3 milliseconds one way. McKay’s sister company Quincy Data offers select CME data at TMX. The industry-leading Quincy Extreme Data (QED) […]
January 11, 2023

McKay Brothers Offers the Fastest US Futures Market Data in Shanghai

Ultra-low latency services now provide exchange data from IL to Shanghai. January 12, 2023- (Geneva, Tokyo) McKay Brothers International’s (MBI’s) Josada team has extended its lowest latency market data service into Shanghai. MBI’s QED service is the fastest way to receive select CME and ICE Futures market data, including: energy, metals, FX, agricultural/softs, and equities. The service can inform traders on local exchanges such as the Shanghai Futures Exchange (SHFE) and Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE). […]
August 10, 2022

McKay Brothers Launches the Fastest Transpacific Market Data and Private Bandwidth Services

New ultra-low latency services connect key Illinois and Asia exchanges August 11, 2022 – (Geneva, Paris, Oakland) McKay Brothers’ MBI team has launched the lowest known latency market data services between Illinois’ largest futures exchanges and key Asia trading centers in Tokyo, Singapore and Hong Kong. MBI has also launched Transpacific private bandwidth services that are faster than any known alternative. “We are thrilled to redistribute key instruments from CME, ICE, and JPX at the […]
February 16, 2022

Quincy Data Redistributes MEMX data at the Lowest Latency

Oakland, CA – Feb 16, 2022 – Quincy Data, powered by McKay Brothers, has added MEMX market data to its New Jersey Metro Quincy Raw Data (QRD) service. MEMX data is distributed via QRD at the lowest latency to key US equity trading hubs in Mahwah and Carteret, NJ. Since its launch in 2019, QRD has been adopted by banks, hedge funds and market-makers and has significantly leveled the playing field for ultra low latency […]
March 29, 2021

The Most influential Fintech Companies – The Financial Technologist Q1 2021

Stephane Tyc, Co-Founder; Quincy Data & McKay Brothers on providing solutions that grow and adapt.
March 17, 2021

Quincy Data Adds Bitcoin Futures Data at Lowest Latency

Aurora, IL sourced Bitcoin futures data in Secaucus-NY4, Toronto-TMX, Slough-LD4, Frankfurt-FR2 and Zurich-ZH4 March 17, 2021/ Oakland / Quincy Data announced it has added Bitcoin futures to its Quincy Extreme Data (QED) service. Quincy sources Bitcoin futures data in Aurora, Illinois and uses the McKay Brothers’ microwave network to transport the data in less than four milliseconds (ms) one-way to the crypto exchange hub located at Secaucus-NY4 in New Jersey. QED provides the lowest known […]
March 2, 2021

Quincy Data Adds Futures Market Data Distribution in Toronto at the Lowest Known Latency

Quincy Data Adds Futures Market Data Distribution in Toronto at the Lowest Known Latency Aurora, Illinois-sourced futures market data available at Toronto’s TMX data center March 2, 2021 / Oakland, CA / Quincy Data announced an expansion of its lowest known latency market data services to Canada. The Quincy Extreme Data (QED) service now distributes select Aurora, Illinois-sourced futures data at Toronto’s TMX data center at the lowest known latency.  Quincy Data redistributes the full […]
February 25, 2021

Quincy Data Named 2021 Best Overall Market Data Provider at TradingTech Insight Awards