Normalized Data (QED)

Low Latency Market Data and Global Reach

Quincy Data is the acknowledged leader in providing extreme low latency wireless market data for firms trading in financial markets. Quincy's microwave market data is 40% faster than fiber and frequently the lowest known latency.

Quincy Data’s track record of continuous improvement is unrivaled. We’ve methodically lowered the latency of the Quincy Extreme Data (QED) service since its launch in 2012 and continue to do so. We invest in the best microwave network, consistently upgrade hardware, and optimize network configuration - all while improving reliability. Please contact us to learn QED’s current latencies.

QED offers the fastest microwave market data to more key trading centers globally. Many of the world’s most sophisticated trading operations utilize Quincy Data’s low latency market data. QED has a distribution footprint unrivaled by any provider serving the electronic trading community. QED debuted in the US in 2012, Europe in 2014, Asia in 2016, and the Middle East in 2019. The company also provides normalized QED between key financial exchanges in Illinois, New Jersey, and the UK.

Our dedication to superb client service continues long after subscribers are using the service. Quincy Data’s client portal offers subscribers proprietary monitoring tools. Quincy’s dedicated support team efficiently responds to client inquiries.

Quincy Data’s aim is to make the fastest market data obtainable for all traders and risk managers. QED distributes the most liquid instruments at the most important trading venues. We offer equal access to all subscribers, short-term contracts, small firm discounts, and flexible backup options.

Quincy Data Global Coverage


QED Latency - Continuous Improvement

Continuously lowering latency is a core value of Quincy Data. Our track record of delivering continuous improvement is unequaled.
Please contact us to learn QED’s current latencies.


Quincy Extreme Data Price

US QED Price Grid

Asia Pacific QED Price Grid

EMEA QED Price Grid

Click here for a PDF version of the 2019 QED price and symbol list
QED's price's effective April 24th, 2019




Secaucus - NY2
Secaucus - NY4
Secaucus - NY5


Slough - LD4
Central London
Interxion - LON2

Spain POP

Madrid - BME

France POP

Marseille - MRS1

Italy POP



Switzerland POP


Germany POP

Frankfurt - FR2



Japan POP

Tokyo- @Tokyo

Singapore POP

Singapore- SGX

Hong Kong POP

Hong Kong - HKEX

Service Description

  • Fastest Routes
  • Broadest Offering
  • In Production Since 2012
  • FPGA Feedhandlers
  • Order Book Snapshot
  • Trade Size and Price
  • Short-term Contracts
  • Several Flexible Back-Up Options Available
  • Pro-active Credits for Outages
  • Weather Outages Included in Uptime Calculations
  • Discount for Small Firms
  • Trials Available

Exchange Sources

Market Data Feeds Available:

Futures: Government Bonds, Equities, Energy, Metals, FX

  • The Intercontinental Exchange: ICE Futures US, ICE Futures Europe – Commodities, ICE Futures Europe – Financials (LIFFE)
  • Eurex
  • Euronext
  • London Metal Exchange
  • Osaka Securities Exchange

Exchange Traded Funds


Cash Treasuries

  • eSpeed