McKay Adds Marseille, Madrid PoPs for EMEA, India Connectivity

Joanne Faulkner

McKay’s new PoP in Marseille will provide a stepping stone for connectivity from Europe to markets experiencing increased demand in the Middle East.

Microwave connectivity provider McKay Brothers has added new points of presence in Marseille and Madrid as “receive sites” for McKay’s private bandwidth subscribers who transmit data from Equinix’s LD4 datacenter in Slough and its FR2 datacenter in Frankfurt, and Euronext’s co-location center in Basildon.

Officials say the PoPs offer access to the lowest one-way latency for futures market data from CME Group‘s datacenter in Aurora, Illinois, which reaches Marseille in 41.552 milliseconds and Madrid in 43.978 ms.

Stephane Tyc, co-founder of McKay and sister company Quincy Data, says the Madrid PoP was built at the behest of a client who specifically wanted to connect to Madrid to support its regular trading activities.

“It’s a normal extra European trading place that needs to be connected to Frankfurt and to London… like connecting Milan, or connecting to Stockholm, which we’ll do at some point,” Tyc says.

In contrast, because of its proximity to North Africa, the Marseille PoP will appeal to the growing number of clients wanting connectivity to markets in the Middle East and beyond as interest in markets in those regions grows and firms require better connectivity, he says, adding that the connection between the US and Europe to the Middle East and India will significantly change how clients in Chicago and London access markets in Dubai and Mumbai.

“If you take any particular location as the point where you want to disseminate information from, then you have to choose whether to go east or west to any receiving location. If I’m going from Chicago to Mumbai, the most efficient way is going east, and if I’m going Chicago to Singapore the most efficient way is going west,” Tyc says.

Marseille and Madrid are also distribution PoPs for Quincy Data’s QED (Quincy Extreme Data) service, and Tyc says both vendors have already received numerous requests for connections to Marseille, and for new datasets that the vendors haven’t distributed before, such as metals, energy, and currencies. “It’s information that you would need anywhere, but particularly in the Middle East. Metals are also… very global, and connecting the CME─and presumably other metals sources in the future, if we can─to India would be really important.”

Quincy also distributes select Eurex Equity Index and Interest Rate futures in Madrid and Marseille via QED, and with these additions, now has 16 points of presence located at major trading hubs in Illinois, New Jersey, the UK, Germany, Spain and France.