Quincy Data Announces Major Expansion of Service

Quincy Data Announces Major Expansion of Service

Equity & Energy Futures sourced at 350 E. Cermak and Cash Treasuries sourced in Carteret at lowest known latencies

June 29th, 2014 Quincy Data, LLC announced a major expansion to its Quincy Extreme Data service, adding select Equity and Energy Futures sourced at 350 E. Cermak and select Cash Treasuries sourced in Carteret and distributed widely at the lowest known latencies. Quincy now distributes data from eight exchanges to major trading centers in Illinois, New Jersey, the UK and Frankfurt.

“Providing the fastest market data as a service – from an independent provider – lowers barriers to entry and enhances competition for all market participants,” says co-founder Stephane Tyc. “It is of little wonder why microwave data continues to penetrate into the mainstream of electronic trading.”

The select Cermak-sourced Energy and Equity Futures data is distributed at the lowest known latency in Aurora, IL on Quincy’s Illinois Local service. Quincy distributes this select Cermak-sourced data at the lowest known latency to New Jersey trading centers in Carteret, Secaucus-NY2, Secaucus-NY4, Weehawken-NJ2 and Piscataway. Quincy also distributes select Cermak-sourced futures data to European POPs in Slough-LD4 and Frankfurt-FR2 at the lowest known commercial latencies. All latencies are published on the Quincy website.

“Quincy’s data footprint, already the industry’s largest by far, will broaden considerably as we deploy even more data from major US and European exchanges,” says Tyc. “We hope adding key datasets to the QED service will foster competition by making more of the lowest latency market data available as a widely obtainable service.”

Quincy now distributes select Carteret-sourced Cash Treasuries data at the lowest known latency to trading centers in Aurora, IL and at 350 E. Cermak in Chicago. The company also distributes Cash Treasuries at the lowest known latency on its New Jersey Local service to Secaucus-NY2 and Secaucus-NY4.

“Cash Treasuries are an important asset class to add to the QED service,” notes COO Jim Considine. “Quincy subscribers can now compete to provide price improvement in the Cash Treasuries, Treasury Futures and ETF markets by employing our service.”

Quincy is developing an enhanced Illinois Local service with a greater selection of futures contracts trading at 350 E. Cermak and Aurora.  The company is also developing an enhanced selection of Cash Treasuries instruments for its NJ Local service between trading centers in Carteret and Secaucus (NY2 and NY4).

“We have substantially increased both the number of data sources and our international co-lo footprint in the first half of 2014,” says Quincy co-founder Tyc. “We will complete our mesh of New Jersey POPs when we open Mahwah and will maintain our commitment to fair and robust markets with our ongoing expansion of European data sources and POPs.”

About Quincy Data:

Quincy Data is the leading microwave distributor of extremely low latency market data. Live since 2012, the Quincy Extreme Data service offers an integrated and normalized feed of select market data sourced from multiple financial exchanges in the US and Europe and is offered in exchange colocation centers in Illinois, New Jersey, the UK and Frankfurt. Quincy is dedicated to leveling the playing field for extreme low latency market data and being the data provider of choice among all electronic trading desks.