Quincy Data Adds Futures Market Data Distribution in Toronto at the Lowest Known Latency

Quincy Data Adds Futures Market Data Distribution in Toronto at the Lowest Known Latency

Aurora, Illinois-sourced futures market data available at Toronto’s TMX data center

March 2, 2021 / Oakland, CA / Quincy Data announced an expansion of its lowest known latency market data services to Canada. The Quincy Extreme Data (QED) service now distributes select Aurora, Illinois-sourced futures data at Toronto’s TMX data center at the lowest known latency.  Quincy Data redistributes the full range of its select Equity Index, US Treasuries, Metals, Energy, and FX futures data at TMX via the industry-leading QED service.

Stephane Tyc, Quincy Data Co-Founder: “Canadian markets are quite dynamic, with an active community of local traders. Toronto has also attracted meaningful interest from global firms. Access to the lowest latency market data is critical for all these market participants. We are pleased to offer QED’s best latency to any firm trading Canadian markets.” 

Quincy Data is recognized as the leading distributor of extremely low latency market data, utilizing the microwave networks of its sister company, McKay Brothers. Together they have leveled the playing field for access to the most up-to-date market data. Quincy Data distributes more market data from key exchanges globally than any other wireless market data provider. In 2020, Quincy Data significantly reduced QED’s latency from Illinois to New Jersey, added both Mahwah-sourced ETFs and Secaucus-sourced Cash Treasuries to the QED line-up, and it has now expanded the service to Toronto. The Quincy Data website provides a full listing of the instruments that are available including the POPs and prices.

About Quincy Data, LLC

Quincy Data distributes more wireless financial market data globally than any provider. The Quincy Extreme Data service is an integrated and normalized feed of select market data sourced from financial exchanges globally and delivered at extremely low latency to twenty-one major trading centers in the US, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. The Quincy Raw Data and Quincy Protected Data services offer equity data feeds in the native exchange format on the New Jersey Equity Triangle. QRD is the lowest latency market data service for the three largest US equity exchanges and between the two largest US futures exchange. QPD is faster, cheaper and more reliable than incumbent services. Learn more at www.quincy-data.com

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