Quincy Data Lowers Latency with McKay Brothers Upgrades

Aurora data distributed in NY2 in 4.015 ms OWT; Aurora-Carteret in 3.982 ms

May 12, 2016 / Quincy Data, Oakland, CA / The Quincy Extreme Data (QED) service has lowered latency on its microwave market data service between Illinois and New Jersey.  QED distributes select Aurora and Chicago-sourced futures data in major trading centers in New Jersey at the lowest known latency.  QED distributes Aurora data in Secaucus-NY2 in 4.015 milliseconds (ms) one-way, Mahwah in 3.986 ms and Carteret in 3.982 ms. QED’s lower latencies are the result of improvements made by its affiliate and network provider, McKay Brothers.

“The use of microwave data as a signal to inform trading has expanded well beyond latency arb firms,” says Quincy Data co-founder Stephane Tyc. “Even quite traditional firms understand fast market data is an essential input for trading algorithms and electronic execution engines.”

QED leverages McKay Brothers’ US long haul microwave network to distribute market data at the lowest known latency.  Quincy sources Interest Rate, Equity Index, Energy, Metals and FX futures data in Aurora.  QED also distributes Equity Index and Energy futures sourced in Chicago. Select ETF and Cash Treasuries market data are sourced in Carteret, NJ.

“Banks, in particular, benefit by pairing microwave for their most relevant data and fiber for less time sensitive data,” continued Tyc. “The marriage of microwave and fiber can help some firms maximize performance while actually reducing their total cost of ownership.”

The QED service distributes market data from more exchanges than any microwave market data service. Quincy offers select data from eleven exchanges in the US and Europe and has more in development. The company’s fourteen points of presence are located at major trading hubs in Illinois, New Jersey, the UK and Frankfurt.

Latencies and prices for the QED service are published at http://www.quincy-data.com/

About Quincy Data
Quincy Data, LLC, is the leading microwave distributor of extremely low latency market data. The Quincy Extreme Data service, live since 2012, offers an integrated and normalized feed of select financial market data. Sourced from multiple exchanges in the US and Europe, the Quincy service is offered in exchange colocation centers in Illinois, New Jersey, the UK and Frankfurt. Quincy is dedicated to leveling the playing field for extreme low latency market data.


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